"...The Piano Sonata in B Minor by Liszt is an highly appreciated work and at the same time dreaded by pianists, which at the time of its world premiere has brought performers and instruments to their limits. To this day, the sonata is regarded as the epitome of the highly virtuoso piano art of the 19th century. Joseph-Maurice Weder masters this hurdles effortlessly and convincingly...the emotional touch of the pianist and the sound of the instrument enter into a unique symbiosis, making the CD recording a rarity...the recording by Weder is an enrichment at any point of view..."
Piano News, 2018

"...Joseph-Maurice Weder displays marvelous dexterity and nuance...Weder beautifully and clearly lays out the drama inherent in Liszt’s Sonata in B minor...Weder’s Kinderszenen is limpid and loving, each of the 14 sections nicely defined. The charismatic chestnut Träumerei is truly dream-like, and the quiet ending Der Dichter spricht melts into the ether..."
The ConcertoNet (The Classical Music Network), 2017

"...Joseph-Maurice Weder presents on his first Solo-CD two very popular works - Liszt b minor Sonata and Schumann's Kinderszenen Op. 15 - and has to face the pianistic elite (Argerich, Arrau, Brendel). Thanks to his imagination of sound and structural vision he can be considered in that environment. A sensitive and thoughtful Solo-debut!..."
AUDIO MAGAZIN (Germany), 2017

"How natural this sounds: Joseph-Maurice Weder takes himself back as a narrator, he lets the music speak and the result is excellent. He shows a lot of refinements that directly touch the listener. This is exactly what the recording makes so special, maybe so unique... It is Weders ability to play with such delicacy: only, whoever controls the pianissimo as he does, can create a sounding jewel out of the 'Kinderszenen'..."
Westdeutscher Rundfunk (Germany), 2017

"...fascinating approach of the pianist...a true narrator to whom one listens intently...this pianist has a great idea which immediately transcends to listeners...a poet at the piano..."
Norddeutscher Rundfunk (Germany), 2017

"Joseph-Maurice Weder's technical bravura was fascinating. By virtue of his touch alone, he effortlessly created entirely new tone colors, whether in tender piano passages or a furious prestissimo. Joseph-Maurice Weder's magic at the piano..."
Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany), 2017

"...the pianist is appropriately dramatic and sensitive...the delicacy of almost unmatched....sound is excellent.."
Fanfare Magazine (USA), 2016

"...finely nuanced pianist with extraordinary technical skills...[the album is] a gain for the CD-repertory..."
PIANONews (Germany), 2016

"...great spirit...sparkle and vivacity...a pleasure to listen...warm, finely detailed..."
musicweb-international (UK), 2015

"...crystal clear, yet warm-round, very soulful playing of the young Swiss pianist Joseph-Maurice Weder... It comes together with the also excellent 'Berliner Camerata' repeatedly to moments where you hold your breath, the music sounds that beautiful..."
PIZZICATO MAGAZINE (Luxembourg), 2015

"...Dazzling: possessing a finely polished and refined touch that grazes the edge of Mannerism, crisp sound ...and unerring accuracy...
Basler Zeitung, 2015

"...the début of a brilliant young pianist, Joseph Maurice-Weder, who played immaculately Mozart’s Concerto No. 12 and Chopin’s No. 2. The pianist showed delicacy, impeccable taste and an admirable technique..."
Buenos Aires Herald, 2015

"...if we make a comparison between football and music, one could say that the pianist Joseph-Maurice Weder is the Lionel Messi of classical music..."
Diario Peru, 2015

"Young talented pianist proves a major draw"
Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland), 2013

"Weder demonstrates his artistry with supreme virtuosity and exceptional precision..."
Schwarzwälder Bote, 2013

"Piano playing of the very highest level...simply superb"
Südkurier, 2013

" with such mastery as Joseph-Maurice Weder. It is fantastic to hear the great scope of his sound, floating freely and sweeping up the audience like an autumn leaf... One can say without doubt that such pure and gracious playing paints pictures like Claude Monet and writes stories like Arthur Schnitzler.."
Der Kurier (Ettlingen), 2013

„...pianistic bravura and vivid emphasis...“
Basler Zeitung, 2011

“...the perfection with which he dominates the keyboard, evident in the execution of Beethoven's final Sonata, instills in the viewer the idea of a great skill and a unique ability to interpret. Weder brings out all the emotional values that characterized the composition...“
Il Giornale (Italy), 2010

„...This young pianist is technically incredibly talented and leaves a lasting impression...a remarkable talent ...“
Südkurier (Germany), 2011

“...powerfully brilliant piano playing of the pianist, who mastered the extremely difficult piano part technically impressive...a remarkable interpreter of the works by Liszt..."
Badische Zeitung (Germany), 2011

“…Piano playing of the highest European standard…”
Basellandschaftliche Zeitung, 2008

“…amazing sovereignty…from crystal-clear playing to outstanding virtuosity…”
Neue Luzerner Zeitung, 2006

“…On the way to become a master pianist …the high demands placed on the virtuosity of the pianist were met by Joseph-Maurice Weder with exceeding skill and grace.”
Basellandschaftliche Zeitung, 2001
reviewing Joseph-Maurice Weder's performance of Malédiction

“… If genius is the talent of discovering that which cannot be taught or learned, then it can undoubtedly be applied to piano soloist Joseph-Maurice Weder, who is just 11 years old … playing like a seasoned professional, he impressed with a sensitive touch, clean, sparkling runs and feather-light trills.”
Basler Zeitung, 1999