Review: Fanfare Magazine (USA)

Das US-amerikanische Magazin "Fanfare" schreibt über Joseph-Maurice Weder:

" is clear to see why Star-cellist Gautier Capuçon holds Joseph-Maurice Weder in such high regard, so easily does the pianist handle even the most difficult of passages in the Liszt Sonata....the beautifully shaped Andante sostenuto with its filigree treble passagework and sustained chordal complexes often benefits from this dreaminess, Weder’s beautifully rounded sound and relaxed aura.  His Schumann is appropriately dreamy as well, when required, but he also shows spirit in the faster, more virtuosic and rhythmically driven pieces. Some of the highlights? His limpid and pearly scales in “Hasche-Mann,” the driven and almost breakneck approach in “Ritter vom Steckenpferd,” which leaves one almost dizzy with vertigo, and his appropriately gloomy “Kind im Einschlummern"..." (Fanfare Magazine, 2018)