Joseph-Maurice Weder is taking some time off from the stage for several months to delve intensivly into the 4th piano concerto by Beethoven.

He will team up with Caméléon Ensemble Amsterdam, renowned Dutch chamber group, formed by the some of the principal musicians of Dutch main orchestras, such as Rotterdam Philharmonic, Concertgebouw and Den Haag Philharmonic, for an original homage to the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

The musicians will perform and record the chamber version of Beethoven 4th concerto. This transcription dates from Beethoven period with the awareness of the composer. Beyond the mere historical interest, it is also an opportunity to present one of classical music greatest concerto in a chamber music size allowing its performance in different places.

Furthermore in 2020 he will be on tour in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and several countries in South America.